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Woman sitting on a couch smiling

Providing homes, community and support for single homeless people in London regardless of where they come from. Proudly the largest provider of LGBT supported housing in the UK.

We believe everybody needs a room of their own in order to plant roots and grow their potential.

We own or manage 250 units of shared and self-contained housing in 10 London boroughs.

We provide housing to single people on low incomes who are at risk of homelessness. In keeping with our migrant roots, support for young asylum seekers is an important part of our work.

We also provide both shared and self-contained supported housing to LGBTQ young people, and services for LGBTQ adults who may encounter problems in mainstream homeless provision due to their sexual or gender identity.

We support our tenants to develop skills to live independently. We then provide them with access to education, training, and employment opportunities so they can take the next step to moving on.

Kai’s Story

A black non-binary person with thick brown and blonde dreads wearing a blue top and a blue pendant.

Growing into adulthood as a black, queer and non-binary person I found it so amazing that I was able to live in a flat where I was supported. Thanks to the help of Causeway Irish Housing Association I’ve been able to live in an environment where I can be open about who I am and start my medical transition in my home. I’ve bettered my relationship with my family and I have been able to love myself and others freely. I have also gained a university degree after dropping out of college years earlier due to depression and anxiety. Now I’ve got my own flat in Hackney.