Causeway Irish Housing Association is a not-for-profit organisation providing temporary accommodation primarily for young single homeless people in London. We also support our tenants through our Life Skills Project which includes help with education, employment, benefits, resettlement, and community involvement.

Causeway was established in 1986 as An Teach Irish Housing Association. We currently manage 250 general needs homes, mainly bedsits and rooms in shared houses, though we do have some fully self-contained accommodation.

Our mission is to provide housing and skills development to young people in need, particularly those of Irish origin and other migrants, providing a space in which they can attain independence.


  • Everyone has a right to a safe and comfortable home.
  • Human migration has existed since time immemorial. We respect people’s right to movement, whether for economic reasons or to escape persecution. We recognise that people may need additional support when setting up home in a new country or city.
  • We believe that finding a home is just the beginning and support people to sustain their tenancies and live happy and productive lives.
  • We are committed to fostering diversity and tenant involvement in the production and delivery of our services.
  • We expect people to be proactive in shaping their own future while recognising that this will require some support for most people from time to time.

Our Annual Report is available here.