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We own or manage 250 units of shared and self-contained housing in 10 London boroughs. We provide this housing to single people on low incomes who are at risk of homelessness. We can also help with furniture and offer support to help people move-in. Our general housing comes with access to our Life Skills service. This service can assist people in areas such as budgeting, access to training and employment or just help getting to know the local area.

Our general housing in action:

  • Easy to access, multiple referral routes including self-referral
  • Low rents, either at or below the Local Housing Allowance
  • Access to ETE and wellbeing advice
  • Help with grants and benefits
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Young asylum seekers

In keeping with our migrant roots, support for young asylum seekers is an important part of our work. We work with the London Boroughs of Hackney and Haringey to provide specialist support and accommodation to 46 young people between the ages of 17 -21. Young people fleeing violence or persecution in their home countries.

person wearing a t-shirt with the word respect printed on it

Our young asylum seekers service in action:

  • Experienced and specialist staff able to recognise and respond to complex trauma.
  • Close links to asylum specific legal, support and advice agencies.
  • Close links to language and ethnically specific community and welfare groups
  • Access to translation services enabling us to support young people with limited or no English.
  • Access to specialist counselling and other therapies
  • Help accessing local housing

lGBTQ young people

We work with the tri-borough partnership of Hackney, Islington and Haringey to provide both shared and self-contained supported housing to LGBTQ young people. This is a specialised service with highly developed expertise in supporting young people, who have been made homeless because of their sexuality or gender identity.

LGBTQ Adults

We operate shared and self-contained housing, commissioned by LB Haringey, to provide housing and support to 9 adults identifying as LGBT. This service works with people who may encounter problems in mainstream homeless provision due to their sexual or gender identity. Or who have stated a preference to live in an LGBT specific service.

Our LGBT services in action:

  • 42 units of specialist accommodation for people identifying as LGBT
  • 32 of these for young people between the ages of 18 and 25
  • Trans specific self-contained accommodation for people who are surgically transitioning
  • Supported by LGBT staff who work to trauma informed principles
  • Commissioned through a partnership of LB Haringey, Islington and Hackney
  • Access to ETE advice and support
  • Dedicated wellbeing worker to help develop and sustain health and mental wellbeing.

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Haringey Mental Health Supported Housing

Our mental health supported housing service in Haringey provides housing and support to 23 people in both shared and self-contained housing. We focus on empowering our clients to access mainstream and specialist mental health services. We also have funding to engage psychotherapy for clients assessed as therapy ready. The service is staffed 6 days per week and includes a specialist female only project with support on site.

Our Haringey Mental Health service in action:

  • Staff trained in trauma informed principles
  • Both self-contained and shared accommodation to support a range of needs and preferences.
  • Female and male only accommodation
  • Flexible visiting support
  • Onsite support for people with higher needs
  • A wellbeing worker to support healthy choices and improved relationships.
  • Access to ETE and volunteering opportunities