Support us

Cash and Practical Donations


As a small housing association working with single people we receive no statutory funding. Our core funding comes from rent and our Lifeskills Project has received funding from City Bridge Trust, Emigrant Support Programme, Irish Youth Foundation, People’s Postcode Lottery.

We need funding so that we can keep rents as low as possible and provide a better standard of living for our tenants. To donate, please call 020 8365 1751 or contact the Chief Executive Officer via this form.

We also welcome practical gifts for people setting up home for the first time, e.g. good quality furniture, new bedding, etc.


If you are in a position to offer us property

If you are a social landlord, local authority or other statutory body:

You may have a building you can’t use at the moment. We may be able to lease it from you temporarily to provide much-needed housing while keeping it safe and providing you with an income.

If you are a private landlord:

We have a range of services to suit your individual needs. Please contact the Chief Executive Officer via this form.

If you own or know of an empty property in need of repair:

We can help with the finance to turn it into a lettable home. In return, we ask you to lease it back to us for an agreed term. We may even be able to purchase it from you, if you’d prefer to sell it.

Please contact the Chief Executive Officer via this form.

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