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Clare joined Causeway in 2020, having worked before in various roles of administration. Clare deals with all our phone lines and email inboxes, supporting our tenants and external partners with any queries they may have. She loves nothing more than making an excel sheet or writing a to-do list, to keep things running smoothly for the rest of the team. She likes to do volunteer work, and in the past has spent time in Uganda working with communities there, and more recently helps with collections and projects for various London charities.

Before moving to London, Clare studied English & Anthropology in Ireland. In her spare time, she loves to read and pet dogs.

Team Member Lorraine

Lorraine worked at Causeway from 2011-2015 and re-joined the team in 2018. Since her return, she has cemented herself as the backbone of our Housing Operations, and it’s safe to say the team would be lost without her. Lorraine’s day to day focus can vary from supporting with applications and voids, to overseeing repairs, to keeping our H&S standards maintained. She also works closely with our partner organisations and landlords to ensure we are offering the best service and support for the people who live in our homes.

In her spare time Lorraine can be found landscaping her garden or enjoying a bit of DIY and property refurbishing.

Team Member Alan

Alan joined Causeway as CEO in 2021, prior to this he was Director of Housing and Support for Depaul UK, a national homelessness organisation, specialising in preventing youth homelessness. Alan also worked at Causeway, from 2015 to 2018, as our Deputy Director. Alan is extremely passionate about Causeway and what we do and feels very privileged to lead an organisation so committed to improving housing and opportunities for young single people.

In his spare time, he loves being outside, either country hikes or just walking around amazing London.

Team Member Tom

Tom is one of our longest standing team members, having been at Causeway for 8 years. Managing our Lifeskills service, he supports our tenants with employment, education and training opportunities, offers budgeting and financial support signposting, and all general queries. Tom also works closely with our Young People services, external partnerships, and other projects.

Tom is heavily involved in his local community, and loves chatting to anyone and everyone. He’s a keen photographer, and an avid Football fan.

Team Member Kyle

Kyle joined us in 2021 and is really passionate about the work that Causeway does to provide affordable accommodation. Kyle has a positive can-do attitude, and works hard to ensure he helps our tenants as much as possible. Kyle’s day to day can range from raising repairs, attending house meetings, discussing payment plans, keeping our health and safety records up to date, and lots more.

In his spare time Kyle enjoys doing some street photography and watching football.

Team Member Rose

Rose started working with Causeway in 2021. She had previously worked in Denmark where she gained experience as a shelter coordinator, and a support worker. She now works with our unaccompanied asylum-seeking children supporting them in their studies and training, employment, appointments, helping them develop life skills and access external support. She also works closely with the local social workers, to ensure the young people are supported in as many areas as possible.

In her spare time, she loves going to see live music and having a little boogie.

Team Member Maureen

Maureen is our longest standing team member, having joined Causeway in 2006. She has worked in various roles within the organisation and is now the glue of our team. Maureen works over every area of the business, from funding, HR, finance, and everything in between. She is always on hand to help. Maureen also works closely with our external partners and sponsors. Prior to working at Causeway, she worked as an Arrears Officer for Westminster City Council.

In her spare time, she plays traditional Irish music on the accordion.

Team Member Lisa

Lisa started at Causeway in 2014, joining Tom and Lorraine as one of our long-standing managers. She has worked in various areas of admin across the business, and now focuses on supporting mostly with the finance and HR side of the business. Lisa is a fountain of all knowledge, and the team are luck to have her.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys reading.

Team Member Paul

Paul joined us at the start of 2021 and brings enthusiasm and positivity in spades to the team. Paul mostly works alongside our young people, helping them develop life skills and access external support. He also works closely with the local social workers, to ensure the young people are supported in as many areas as possible. Paul also works with our general needs tenants.

In his spare time Paul loves to travel and experience new cities.

Atlanta joined Causeway in April 2022 as the Housing Manager. She has over 6 years of housing management experience, working with various client groups. She started in the student accommodation industry, and brings a high quality of knowledge and experience that our housing team is grateful for.

Atlanta likes to travel; her favourite place so far being Egypt. In her spare time she likes to draw, listen to music, and go out with friends

Octavian joined Causeway in April 2022 as a Senior Supported Housing Officer working specifically within our LGBTQ young peoples supported accommodation. Octavian has a wealth of experience working with LGBTQ clients, and his compassion and knowledge are a welcome addition to our services.

Pelham joined the team in April 2022 to work on the LGBTQ+ 18-25 and 25+ services. His experience in adult social care began in Edinburgh, working as a crisis intervention and harm reduction worker in street homelessness. He now works with a mix of high and low needs clients.

Chanelle joined Causeway in April 2022. She leads and provides day to day management to our support workers, working with young asylum seekers and care leavers.

Ibrahim also joined us in April 2022, and works alongside Chanelle, supporting our young people living in Hackney.

Permjit joined us in April 2022, and works with our tenants to support wellbeing and Lifeskills.

Merva joined Causeway in April 2022.
She has been in the mental health field for over 10 years. Before this she worked with substance misuse and offenders.

In the community, she volunteers once a week to co-run a Paranoia and Unusual Beliefs group, and she also helps to run a Saturday school.

“For these are all our children, we will all profit by or pay for what they become.”

– James Baldwin