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How To Report A Repair

Household tools

Please report all repairs via the form at the bottom of this page.
If you wish to request improvements to your home, you will need to speak to your Housing Officer.

Please note that Causeway does not operate an out of hours service. Please use the following numbers for emergencies:

Fire, Police, Ambulance: 999
If you smell gas: 0800 111 999
If you have a power cut, contact your supplier here.

Please check the following first:

  • the trip switch in your fuse box
  • your meter is charged
  • your neighbours’ supply

    Water/waste emergencies contact here

Household tools

Clarion tenants can find out how to do a range of repairs through this section on their website.

This includes how to:

  • Switch off your water supply
  • Unblock a drain
  • Replace a shower head

If you have no heating and hot water, it may be a loss of water pressure. You can usually tell if this is the case if the pressure needle has dropped, or if your digital display is flashing to indicate a drop in pressure. This relatively easy to fix, we recommend:

Visit your boiler brand’s website, to see if they have helpful tutorials and videos about topping up pressure on their systems.

Re-pressurising your boiler means allowing more water to enter the system, from the water mains supply, via the filling loop. Filling loops may vary in design, but here’s the basic re-pressurising process:

  • Switch off and allow your boiler to cool
  • Double-check that both ends of the filling loop are securely attached
  • Open both valves, to allow cold mains water into the system (you should hear it)
  • Wait for the pressure gauge to read 1.5 bar
  • Close both valves, one after the other
  • Switch the boiler back on and, if needed, press the reset button

If you’re in any doubt about how to re-pressurise your boiler system, or you’ve already done so according to the guide but are continuing to have pressure problems, call the office on 0208 365 1751.

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