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Tenant Event Winter 2021

Tenant Stories

“Growing into adulthood as a black, queer and non-binary person I found it so amazing that I was able to live in a flat where I was supported. Thanks to the help of Causeway Irish Housing Association I’ve been able to live in an environment where I can be open about who I am and start my medical transition in my home. I’ve bettered my relationship with my family and I have been able to love myself and others freely. I have also gained a university degree after dropping out of college years earlier due to depression and anxiety. Now I’ve got my own flat in Hackney.”

Tenant Brendan

Brendan has lived in two shared properties in Tottenham since he joined us in 2005. Following a hand back of several properties in Tottenham Hale in 2016, he’s now resettled well to his new environment. Brendan’s main passion is DJing. Having affordable accommodation has allowed him to budget better for things like records.

Originally from Eritrea, Dawit joined Causeway from NASS accommodation in 2015. Dawit continues to access the Lifeskills service for support with working in construction and claiming benefits. Living in shared accommodation has helped him improve his English skills and employability.

Tenant Dawit
Tenant Phillip

Phillip first moved from Ireland to London in the 1970s and has encountered discrimination first hand at a time when many landlords were reluctant to rent properties to Irish people. Living and working above a pub through the 1980s Phillip then worked as a road sweeper in the 1990s but became homeless in 2013 when the landlord wanted the property back. Phillip was grateful to Causeway to provide him with his own studio flat in Haringey. Phillip is very sociable and is a regular at our tenant social events.

Leon is one of our longest standing tenants having first moved to one of our shared properties in Tottenham Hale in 2005. A stable tenancy has helped him thrive in self-employment and purchase his own van. Leon has been a valuable tenant rep who has attended numerous tenant forums. This was recognised in 2018 when Leon was moved on through Pathways to his own one bedroom flat in Hackney.

Tenant Leon